Art of Hair is way more than just the IDEAL beauty salon for professionals to meet with their clients . . .

It is the Moulin Rouge and the French Cafes off of the Louvre during the impressionist revolution. It's a creative renaissance and it's love at first sight.

It is an environment where artists can meet with their clients and feel like they are meeting for coffee on the streets of Paris. Art of Hair Salon has a atmospheres that is conducive for optimizing your hair styling experiences.

Come early and enjoy the lovely garden patio like I do, so relaxing and a great intro to your experience inside that turns a simple hair style into a day-spa like experience!
— Sandra Ramlet

Arrived early? No problem, enjoy the out-door patios or have some gourmet coffee or tea and freshly baked cookies! It's all part of the Art of Hair experience.


The Environment

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Art of Hair Salon is more than just an inviting and intriguing salon. The building is up-to-date and is very clean and well maintained. The lighting is designed to perfection. The beauty stations, drying stations and sinks are Stat-of-the-Art. The water pressure and temperature is set-up for the perfect hair washing environment. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to your appointment.

The Vibe

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We often hear clients sighing with relief at how relaxed they feel and how the stress of their busy lives melts away when they arrive. Creating the ultimate environment for artist/hair stylists to meet with their clients is our ultimate goal. Not only are you welcomed at the door, you feel at home in our trendy, chique, yet cozy niche. Walk-in are very welcome. You must experience Art of Hair yourself.

The Band

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Art of Hair may be just a facility for independent contractors to meet with their clients, but we are very selective on who joins our group. Our stylists must be fun, caring professionals that love to collaborate with each other and really look after each other's clients to ensure the ideal experience for all. Our collaborative spirit also allows your stylist to keep on top of their game with all the latest trends and styles.

The Band Director

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The Art of Hair experience is the vision of owner Robin Klein. Robin's husband keeps the facility up-to-date and running ship-shape while Robin is the glue that keeps the independent stylist working as a collaborative team and thriving as artists. She sets the vision, culture and direction of the shop so that everything runs smoothly. Robin has decades of experience as both a stylist and a salon owner and knows what it takes to create the ideal salon environment.



Art of Hair Salon is located in St. Louis Park, just west of Hwy 100, off of Excelsior Blvd.

4050 Brookside Ave, St Louis Park, MN 55416

Tel: (952) 224-8080